The Importance of Backups

Have you ever lost data that was important to you or experienced a flash of panic where you believed you had?

You most likely have family vacation photos, a work report or assignments on your computer and mobile phone which are valuable to you. Even great computers or external hard drives wear out after some time and this can cause a loss of information.

As your local computer expert, in most cases we can restore your data, however there is always a chance the information has gone forever.

Why is it Important to back up your data?

Accidents can easily happen, from dropping of devices, to the “blue screen of death” which is most often the sign of a failing hard drive, computers can be stolen, drinks can be spilled on them and computers age.

You can stop hackers holding you to ransom with a backup solution

Ransomware is when a hacker puts a virus on your computer that encrypts your data, and you will be unable to access anything on your computer. It is the same as locking a filing cabinet and throwing away the key. Hackers may ask you to pay a ransom to decrypt your data, with no guarantee that they will. Your data may also be threatened by things like viruses and Trojans. Make sure you have a backup which is always current. This lets you take control of your information.

Do I need multiple backups?

Yes. Having more than one location for backups is an excellent way to make certain your data will be safe. For example, if you use external hard drives for your backup, it is a good idea to have at least 2 which you alternate daily. This way if one fails you will still have the backup on the other drive.

How to back up

Storage is easily available and very affordable which means you can back up everything. It is recommended you have regular backups (daily or more frequently) which will keep application data current, as this information is constantly changing.

Software which encrypts your data is recommended as this will protect the backup information from theft. This software can be automated to complete the backup at a specific time.

Tailored local backup services include Cloud storage such as Microsoft OneDrive, iCloud; and Physical backups such as NAS, external hard drives and flash drives.

It is important to identify and prioritise files to back up.

Other important considerations

Ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns have led to more challenges for businesses, e.g. the use of company equipment when employees work from home. Implementing the right policies and guidelines is vital to ensure company information and equipment are protected and remain private.

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